barrels' commission info

status: open



$15 / Php750
twitch/discord/youtube emotes done on a 500x500px canvas


$15 / Php750
static 64x64px pixel portrait


$18 / Php900
fullbody chibi with plain colour/transparent background


Style A
cel-shaded + clean lineart

Style B
full-colour render + messy lineart

bust = $15 / Php750
halfbody = $20 / Php1,000
fullbody = $30 / Php1,500
+50% of base price per additional character/figure
up to 3 figures
plain colour / simple background only


$25 / Php1,250
painterly headshots, style/palette may vary
i’m given more artistic liberty
up to one figure only


$30 / Php1,500
halfbody full-colour render + clean coloured lineart
includes 4 basic modes

terms of service

  • Payment is upfront. The client can pay through Paypal, Ko-fi, Wise, Paymaya, Unionbank, and GCash. If you are commissioning through Ko-fi, please allow me to contact you within 1-3 days to confirm your order.

  • I am allowed to decline commissions. If you ordered through Ko-fi and I decline your commission, I will refund you as soon as possible.

  • Commissions usually take 2-6 weeks to complete depending on its complexity and my schedule for that month. I will be sending you progress reports so please be sure to check your messages!

  • I offer up to 5 revisions. There will be no refunds after work on the commission has been made! If I am unable to do your commission within the intended timeframe, I'll be offering a refund.

  • You may use the commissioned art for your social media account/s, streams, or as a digital asset but are not allowed to redistribute it as paid merchandise.

  • Credit must be given whenever you can. Please use "artsybarrels" or “sloppybarrels” when crediting me. You may use my Linktree ( when crediting or link directly to my Twitter or Ko-fi. Reposting my art and claiming you made it is forbidden. I also don't permit anyone to turn my art into NFTs.

  • Once done, commissions will be sent through a Google Drive link.

  • I am allowed to publish your commission anywhere on the internet UNLESS you specifically tell me not to.

Will DrawWon't Draw
original charactersbigotry
furries (most mammals)extreme perspective
real peoplevery detailed clothing

ready to order?

If yes, you may contact me through:Email: [email protected]
Discord: barrels#6465
You could also order through my Ko-fi!Please make sure to prepare and send me the visual and/or text references for your commission. I would also like to know the pose, expression, and/or clothing needed. If you have a deadline for your commission please say so, this will help me evaluate if I'll accept your order or not.Thank you!!